Moving Forward Together


Is a Peer Board right for you?

If you are motivated to make changes in your life and in your business, now is the time to seriously consider joining a peer board.

A Wheels in Motion peer board is all about helping you achieve the change you are looking for. Peer Boards guide you through the clarification and validation process and show you ways to regain control and find your freedom again. The two most important reasons you went into business for yourself. You will find the strength and courage to seize new opportunities to realize profitable growth and success.

Wheels in Motion peer boards are made up of up of no more than 8 small business owners in non-competing industries. Your fellow Wheels in Motion Board Members understand issues from the unique perspective of a small business owner. Nothing is truer than the old adage "It’s lonely at the top" and since everyone is dealing with similar opportunities and challenges, ideas and solutions are everyone’s goal. We all need an objective sounding board to break down that isolation of running a small business with practical information and advice, unbiased objective feedback, accountability, and support.

A typical Wheels in Motion peer board has between 200 and 300 years of combined experience. This is a direct benefit to you. If experience is the best teacher, then you’ve just increased it by a factor of 5 - you will have access to knowledge and skills you could never acquire on your own.

Every board member experiences the gratification of seeing his or her fellow board members benefit from this sharing of knowledge and experience.

Join a Wheels in Motion Peer Board today to regain the control and freedom that were the reason that you went into business for yourself in the first place.