Moving Forward Together


JOHN WHEELER, MBA. Founder, Wheels in Motion Certified Business Coach and Peer Board Facilitator; Strategic Planning Expert

Why would you invest your time and money on a business coach and a peer board? Because increasing your profitability is just one of the benefits of our working together.

My education (MBA U of W) and 35 years of hands-on executive level experience, all in the Seattle area, are instantly available to you. My education and experiences provide a solid foundation to help you build a strong company. I have been directly involved in the management of seven family owned businesses, three turnarounds, three startups and four high growth (25%+) companies in industries ranging from construction, to transportation, from fine arts to coaching and just for fun, lets throw in a nonprofit private foundation! I have been coaching business owners and CEO’s and chairing peer boards and had the privilege of impacting the success of over 30 small business owners, just like you!

I have been in the trenches and have directed, managed, and enjoyed (or more correctly, endured) every operational aspect of running a business. I roll up my sleeves and go to work with you to achieve YOUR business and personal goals. We will work together in every area of your business including general management, marketing, financial management, planning and analysis.

Together we will focus on both, your business and personal objectives. My goal is enable you to recapture the dream that motivated you to go into business for yourself in the first place. You will finally realize the financial and personal returns that you have already earned from your investment of time, money, and energy.

Join a Wheels in Motion Peer Board today – you won’t look back!